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“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader.
No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.”

—Robert Frost



          Henry & Biggs
              (A new chapter posted each Monday)

              — Overview

              — Chapter 1: The Woman in Black is not Alive
              — Chapter 2: The Great Taboo
              — Chapter 3: Maybe It’s a Sex Thing
              — Chapter 4: The Giant in the Dark
              — Chapter 5: The Beagle has Landed
              — Chapter 6: A Fictional Memoir?
              — Chapter 7: Allegations of Dementia
              — Chapter 8: A Lesson on Obscenity
              — Chapter 9: Does This Say… Vampire?
              — Chapter 10: A Plot to Hijack Democracy
              — Chapter 11: A Plague of Electric Squirrels
              — Chapter 12: The Drowning Pool

          Tiny Points of Life

              — A Matter of Time: One Writer’s Strategies for Making Room In the Day
              — Everything Stops
              — Little Green Men
              — Nothing To Worry About
              — Elysian Angst
              — Paper Walls
              — Flurries
              — Mango Shampoo
              — Failure to Thrive: Act I—Flying and Lying
              — Failure to Thrive: Act II—Katja and June
              — Failure to Thrive: Act III—The Birds
              — Island-Santa-(an-excerpt)
              — December 31st
              — The Heavens Burn

          The Menagerie



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The Lion Trees, Part 1: Unraveling

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The Lion Trees, Part 2: Awakening

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