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Emerging Indie Authors

Emerging Indie Literary Fiction Authors

Below is a list of new releases by emerging literary fiction writers who have asked me to post information about their work on this site. To support new writer talent, I offer this information to you so that you might explore the literary cosmos beyond the latest Harper Collins juggernaut sales pitch. Since I may or may not have read the selections listed below, this is not a list of recommendations but rather a resource to assist in your own investigation of who is on the literary horizon. As you will see, I have broken out a separate list of Alaskan authors because‚Ķ well, because that is where I live and I bump into them from time to time and I owe a lot of people money and… never mind. Just because.

Just to give a little added depth, I will interview one of these posted authors a month and will post the interviews here.

Emerging Indie Authors

  • DEB VANASSE: “Cold Spell”
  • OWEN THOMAS: “The Lion Trees”
  • New Alaskan Authors Coming! Stay Tuned!
  • Emerging Indie Authors
    (Outside Alaska)

  • MICHAEL SELDEN—“The Boy Who Ran”
  • UNOMA AZUAH—“Edible Bones”
  • EVAN GUILFORD-BLAKE—“American Blues”
  • MICHAEL J. FITZGERALD: “The Fracking War”
  • KIMBERLY A. MCKENZIE: “Growing Past”
  • MICHAEL ALLEN CHARLES: “It All Started in Mandalay”
  • LORRAINE REGULY: “Risky Issues: Stories About Identity, Drugs, Abuse, Death and Friendship”
  • FLORENCE OSMUND: “Red Clover”
  • CARROLL ANN SUSCO: “True Fiction: A Pseudoautobiographical Chapbook in Three Parts”
  • New Authors Coming! Stay Tuned!