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Famous First Lines

Featuring classic first lines from works across the literary spectrum, from Moby Dick to Fifty Shades of Grey, Famous First Lines is intended as a resource for those looking for a just little help getting that novel started. As you will see, not all of the suggestions offered below are still available. Feel free to post your own contributions to help our fellow authors.


First Line: “I wear the ring.” (not available)


Alternative 1:

“I wear the ring because every now and then I just need some quality time with My Precious and it is so much easier if the Orcs can’t see me.” (available)

Alternative 2:

“I wear the ring largely because my fiancée will do just about anything Beyoncé tells him to do.” (available)

Alternative 3:

“I wear the rings of stone and ice, chipped and broken and dirty, alone and magnificent in my humility, for that you may gaze upon me and know that I am Saturn and not a Kardashian.” (available)

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