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Emerging Indie Author:

Kimberly A. McKenzie

Latest Release:

Growing Past


CreateSpace (February 19, 2014)

Short Description:

Growing Past is a compilation of short stories. The pages of Growing Past present female characters finding themselves in situations where there are opportunities to reach for inner strength and grow past the troubling events.

Representative Reviews:

“Growing Past offers readers a varying collection of 12 thought-provoking short stories about “growing past” life points. Each plot is spoken in a woman’s voice and viewed from her eyes, presenting situations “that we need to move on from…[creating] special female moments of understanding.” McKenzie offers unique scenarios to ponder and credits the females in her life for their influence.”—Tamara Turner

Author Bio:

Kimberly A. McKenzie was born in 1970 on Williams Air Force base in Arizona to Robert Klemm and Casandra McKenzie. She is single, divorced, and without any children of her own. Her decision to write under a pen name is due to the respect and love she has for her mother. The passion for writing has been with her life-long and she has been employed in the technical writing field across industries for ten years. Kimberly A. McKenzie has lived in various places in the United States and now resides in Charleston, South Carolina where, for the last five years, she has been happily penning her works. Her first novella, The Rest Room, was released in 2012 and the sequel The Dream of Keriye is scheduled for publication by 2015. Growing Past is a collection of short stories- a form of prose Kimberly A. McKenzie has been involved in as Kimberly Klemm for most of her career. The stories included in Growing Past are not reprints. This collection of stories is a new release centered on female characters intended to support the voices of women. Hopefully, the reader will hear these characters and understand a bit more about choices women face and grow past in the journey of life. The stories come from her life, those she has known, and the ever-changing possibilities of the fiction writer’s imagination. Growing Past is not the end or beginning of the stories; it is the place in the middle- where stories come from.

Available Formats:

Paperback and Kindle

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