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CARROLL ANN SUSCO: “True Fiction: A Pseudoautobiographical Chapbook in Three Parts”

Emerging Indie Author:

Carroll Ann Susco

Latest Release:

True Fiction: A Pseudoautobiographical Chapbook in Three Parts



Carroll Ann Susco

Short Description:

True Fiction is about being a person who wants to see more clearly, get closer to the elusive truth. A person who knows we see through lenses, historical, cultural. And yet, even in fiction, truths emerge. Truths about being human (mainly a woman) and living. I tried to tell the truth, but fiction came out. Or the truth. You decide. Many of the stories have been published in literary journals.

Author Bio:

Carroll Ann Susco holds an MFA in fiction from the University of Pittsburgh and has numerous publications, including in The Sun Magazine and Painted Bride Quarterly.

Available Formats:

epub, mobi (Kindle), pdf, or read on-line at

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Free on

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