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Michael Selden

Latest Release:

“The Boy Who Ran”


Woodland Park Press LLC (November 13, 2013)

Short Description:

He was the sole survivor when his village was massacred. The boy spends his days alone in the woods, feeling more of a kinship with animals than with the people who took him in but never really accepted him. THE BOY WHO RAN is a middle grade novel about a Native American orphan trying to find a place in the world. The story is set six thousand years ago in the mid-archaic period of North American history. 2014 IPPY Gold Medal for Juvenile Fiction —Independent Publisher Book Awards

Representative Reviews:

The Boy Who Ran is a well-written survival tale about a Native American boy living in North America 6000 years ago. . . .[Spoiler Removed] . . .  The Boy Who Ran is a wonderful, thought-provoking book and should be in every public library as well as elementary, middle-school, and high school libraries. It will provide many interesting classroom discussions about survival and the way the world was in ancient times.”—IPPY Award Review

“The Boy Who Ran by Michael Selden is a captivating and illuminating tale.

Set six thousand years ago in North America, a boy is protected and saved by his mother during the brutal massacre of his tribe.

“You must be silent,” she warns him. “Run and do not stop.”

The mother’s final words and the circumstances of his abandonment continue to haunt and guide him.

Taken in by a tribe, they fail to see beyond the boy’s silence and strangeness as he lives with his grief and loneliness. He finds joy in the forest where he runs and learns from his surroundings, the wildlife especially, and later, as he grows, from the hunters. Equipped with intelligence, speed and strength of character, he gains valuable knowledge and skills in enterprising ways.

The boy faces his trials with the aid of Grey wolf and support from Morning song who is a rather lovely character. Dark sun however, provides a challenge to which the boy rises with surprising results.

Beautifully researched, the era is well captured and I could envision the scenes as they unfolded. Interesting facts are incorporated and delivered throughout the book in a very accessible manner. I was especially taken with the craftsmanship and weapons description, particularly that of the Atlatl which predates the bow. Time measurement was also explained well.

The People’s love and respect for the land and the animals that sustain them is strongly evidenced within the pages, and the reader gains an appreciation for the simpler though harsh times when groups of people worked together closely. Everyone has a job to do, from collecting plants for medicines, to hunting and killing for food. There is no waste in this society.

The story moves at a good pace with well executed action scenes, and allows the reader into the minds of the characters, including the animals. White flank’s role is particularly inspired. This book held my attention at all times, and I desperately wanted the boy to be safe and succeed in his trials. A story of courage, perseverance and friendship, this book belongs on all shelves for children aged nine to ninety.”—Amazon Customer Review

Author Bio:

Michael Selden has lived all around the world and has been an eyewitness to numerous historical events such as the building of the Berlin Wall. His father was a non-commissioned officer in the United States Air Force.  Mike was graduated from St. Mary’s High School, Colorado Springs Colorado and later studied physics at the University of Florida.

He has worked as a research physicist, program manager, and principal investigator on numerous scientific and engineering efforts during his career.  First he developed technologies and techniques that helped expand our understanding of the earth and the earth-moon system and to validate the relativity principle of equivalence.

Later, he led a number of advanced research and development efforts for key technologies and systems for the department of defense. Clients included NASA, ASI (The Italian Space Agency), the Japanese Space Agency, the Department of Defense, and the military. He also led two major efforts for DARPA, the Department of Defense’s advanced technology and systems development agency.

Besides his work in physics and the publications in technical journals, he has always had a keen interest in literature, particularly fiction, and he began writing short stories when he was twelve years old.

Having achieved the goals he set for himself in science and technology, Michael retired from his first career to pursue his other passion, writing, turning what had been a life-long avocation into a full-time pursuit.

In July 2013, Michael moved from Baltimore, Maryland to Woodland Park, Colorado, returning to the region where he went to high school, to write and publish books.

When he is not writing, reading or staying abreast of the latest developments in the world of physics, he likes to travel and hike, cook, ride motorcycles, and meet up with friends. He is learning how to fly-fish.

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Paperback, Ebook. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, SmashWords, Google Play, Apple, Barnes & Nobel and Kobo

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