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MICHAEL ALLEN CHARLES: “It All Started in Mandalay”

Emerging Indie Author:

Michael Allen Charles

Latest Release:

It All Started in Mandalay


FriesenPress (July 22, 2014)

Short Description:

A small group of teachers from around the world start their careers in a new and exciting school in Mandalay, a city in northern Myanmar. They form lasting relationships with one another that shape and define the rest of their lives. From their students and each other they learn about love and life until one event, equally hopeful and tragic, sends cracks through the foundation of their community and threatens to bring everything crumbling down around them. In his debut novel, Michael Charles tells the poignant yet inspiring stories of these people. They arrive in Mandalay separately but leave intertwined. The grand spiraling conclusion brings the characters back together from across borders, grown and changed for a last bittersweet moment, one that all started in Mandalay.

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Author Bio:

Michael has published widely in newspapers, magazines, and journals, and has been recognized for his excellence in writing, recipient of The Golden Leaf Award by the Canadian Press Association and the Distinguished Achievement Award by the Educational Press Association of America. He is currently the managing director of International Curriculum Consultants and travels around the world working with international schools. When he’s not working abroad, Michael lives in Toronto where he gets a chance to play with his grandchildren.

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Hardback, Paperback, and Ebook: iBooks, Kindle, GooglePlay, Kobo, Nook

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