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Emerging Indie Author:

Evan Guilford-Blake

Latest Release:

“American Blues”


Holland House (October 2014)

Short Description:

The Blues are rooted in the American mind and soul. Each era has its own, and each is both the same and different, just like the people who know them, and play them, and live them. These five stories explore that mind and soul as they’ve evolved over the last seventy years. In that respect, the collection is not only an evocation of the eras it depicts, but a history of the American Blues.

Representative Reviews:

American Blues is a terrific collection. Evan Guilford-Blake has the rare gift of capturing the reader’s imagination with the very first lines of these stories, and the characters leap off the page with all their griefs and small triumphs. The settings are gritty and grubby, yet Guilford-Blake has infused them with a tenderness that is irresistible. You’ll finish the book wanting more.”—Lynne Sharon Schwartz, National Book Award nominee and author of “Disturbances in the Field” and “The Writing on the Wall”

“Evan Guilford-Blake masterfully weaves a melancholy suite, which pops and crackles with the warmth of old vinyl recordings replete with hope, sorrow, life, laughter, death, love, loneliness & longing.”—J. Scott Fugate, ‘The Jazz Evangelist’

“The characters in American Blues live in a world of bad choices and no choices. Evan Guilford-Blake shows us a hard world, yes, but also the tender spots within it and thereby leads us into a place where we might see our shared humanity.”—Neil Ellis Orts, Writer and Performer, Author, “Cary and John”

Author Bio:

I’m a playwright, novelist, short-story-ist (is there such a thing?) for adults and children, who also writes the occasional piece of creative nonfiction and poem. Penguin’s E. P. Dutton Guilt Edged Mysteries has issued *Noir(ish), my first novel, in the various e-reader formats. Nineteen of my scripts have been published by Playscripts, Eldridge, neoNuma Arts (the multiple award-winning *Nighthawks, in a trade edition), YouthPLAYS, Next Stage Press and others; and my short story collection American Blues will be issued in the spring of 2014 by Holland House. All told, I’ve had more than 40 different plays produced internationally and some 25 stories included in various journals and anthologies, including *Gem Street, *Lost Coast Review and *Christmas Warmth. (* indicates it’s available on Amazon.)

I’ve been affiliated with Chicago Dramatists for 20 years, and I’m a member of the Dramatists Guild and the Atlanta Writers Club. I’ve also taught both playwriting and short story writing and been a presenter at various conferences.

Writing is my passion, but I’m also an avid reader, listen to a lot of music, cook (love to cook!) and watch movies, especially old ones, especially noir old ones, especially *good* noir old ones.

My wife (and inspiration), healthcare writer and jewelry designer Roxanna Guilford-Blake, and I live in the Atlanta area. We have two dumb-as-dirt Lesbian doves, Quill and Gabriella; and a smart-as-a-whip Westeke (it’s a weird breed) named Winnie Words.

Available Formats:

Hardcover, Trade paperback, Electronic available beginning October 23, 2014 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Links to Purchase:

Amazon: “American Blues” Coming Soon

Author/Book Website:

Evan Guilford-Blake at Holland House Books

Evan Guilford-Blake at Amazon

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